Games to Play in 2017

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • Hitman
  • Dark Souls 3
  • Dishonored 2
  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Stardew Valley
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Halo 4
  • Halo 5
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Rainbow Six: Siege

2014 Games of My Year – Blizzard Edition


2014 was a weird year for games.  I played fewer games than I have in the past few years – 35 in 2014 compared to 49 in 2013 and 53 in 2012.  I attribute this change to the release of 2 huge games that sucked several weeks of play time out of me – these 2 games being Destiny and the new World of Warcraft expansion: Warlords of Draenor.  Also interestingly enough, 43% of the games I played were on mobile platforms.  I picked up a 3DS and a Vita at the end of 2013 and was playing catch up with those systems, and they were great.  I was just getting into Dragon Age Inquisition when WoW came along and consumed my life.  I will likely play it through next year and it will land somewhere on the 2015 game of the year list.  I really liked it, but didn’t play enough of it to warrant having it on this list.  Also interesting is the fact that Assassin’s Creed Unity, follow up to last year’s game of my year Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, didn’t even get played by me.  So here are the top 10 games of my year: (more…)

2013 Games of my year


I don’t play all the games that come out every year.  I don’t even play all the AAA releases.  I do however play a lot of games.  In 2013 I played a total of 49 video games and consider 32 of them finished.  I get a little nerdy when it comes to tracking video games I play and games that I want to play and if you’d like, you can view my spreadsheet to see everything that I did play in 2013.  You may notice that quite a few of the games on the list are games that didn’t come out in 2013.  That’s ok.

The year started off with me on a huge Nintendo Wii kick.  At the end of 2012, I decided to not  pick up my pre-ordered WiiU and instead get a bunch of games and stuff for my neglected Wii.  I started off strong with the Wii, playing 6 games and finishing 4 of them – which is more games that I’ve played on the Wii since I got it (on it’s launch day).  Something else interesting is the fact that I picked up a Playstation Vita in November and started playing the hell out of it.  I ended up playing 3 PSVita games and finishing 2 of them.  The 3rd, I’m 2/3 the way through it and it will probably be finished before the end of the year.  I also snagged a Nintendo 3DS XL on the cheap around the holidays so next year will probably have a large representation from the portable gaming space as I attempt to catch up with all the games I missed.

Without further ado, here is the top 10 games of my year starting at number 10 and finishing up with a few honorable mentions:


A five year old’s take on Bastion

I love the game Bastion. It’s one of my top games from last year.  I’ve played through it multiple times, listen to the soundtrack (at least part of it) every day while working.  It’s just an amazing game.  Everything about it.  When I had to spend some time working on a basement remodel, I sat my five year old in front of the computer so he would stay out of my way while I was working.  I fired up Bastion, turned on no-sweat mode (the mode where you can’t really die), put the controller in his hand and left the room.


… had some fun with Star Trek Online last night …

Ok. So I still haven’t played that much Star Trek Online… but I was able to login last night with my buddy (and GEEX podcast co-host) Kurt Beckstrom to mess around for a bit.  I had just finished the noob area and had docked with a starbase in orbit around Earth…

After figuring out how the zone instancing works in Star Trek Online, I invited Kurt to my away team and hunted him down.  I found him in the admirals office, admiring the view of the planet below.  It really is pretty impressive the way they have created the atmosphere.  It really reminds me and feels mostly like what being in Star Trek should feel like except for all the random player characters jumping around.  Highlight of the night… we found the emotes and proceeded to follow other players around and dance with them.  For all you dance fiends out there, there are several different dances that you can perform including… the Robot!

After playing around, we beamed back to our ships to fly around for a while.  Let me say again that the flying is painfully slow, but a lot more fun when you are with someone.  We decided to fly straight towards Los Angeles and see how close we could get.  As you get closer and closer to Earth, the lights from the cities start to show up.  You start to get detail from the mountains and lakes and it’s actually pretty cool and probably not something they needed to put in there because there really was no reason to fly over there.  The limit comes when you reach the Earth’s atmosphere… your screen starts to shake and then everything goes white until you turn around and fly out.  Either way… pretty cool.  I wonder if it’s possible to take an away team and beam down.

Instead of flying all the way back to the starbase, I decided to “warp to sector space”.  Let me just say that warping in Star Trek Online is ALWAYS satisfying.  It just feels cool.  When you reach sector space, the world really opens up.  You are now flying at warp speed through space and you can see several systems that you can travel to.  You fly to them and warp in.  Each space sector has several systems you can travel to and if you fly to the edge of the sector, you can travel to the adjacent sector.

I traveled over to a system next to Sol (where Earth lives) and found a graveyard of federation ships next to a federation out post.  It was pretty impressive.  I didn’t know what to do there so after looking around for a while I warped out and traveled back to Earth and logged out.

Just being able to travel around and explore space is something that might hook me into picking up Star Trek Online.  I really wanted to play more last night but it was getting late.  Tonight I plan on jumping in and seeing where some of the quests take me and how they play out.  People who are talking negative about Star Trek Online, from what I’ve read and have seen for myself, are probably comparing it too much to other MMOs and not taking it for the awesome qualities that it does have.  Check back later for more of my impressions of Star Trek Online.

Say hello to my new friend.

The Stone Prisoner is a piece of DLC that came included with your “new” purchase of Dragon Age: Origins (as opposed to buying it used at GameStop or whatever).  The regular purchase price for the DLC is $15.  Basically you run into a guy who offers you a control rod that can be used to activate a stone golem in a nearby town.  Well, the town is also overrun by darkspawn that you have to clear out in order to finish the quest line and gain access to the golem named Shale.  It also involves a cat, a little girl, and a desire demon (YES!).

Shale is a warrior tank type of character that has a variety of abilities including buffs.  He currently has replaced Allistair on my team for tanking duties.  He doesn’t wear standard armor or use standard weapons (he’s made of rock!) but you can equip crystals to him to give him certain buffs to his defense and attacks.  If you look at my screenshot above, the yellow and blue crystals change in size and color based on the quality of of crystal equipped and what it does.  I was wondering what I was supposed to do with all those crystals I’ve been carrying around in my bag since the beginning of the game.

Another cool thing about Shale is his integration into the story lines in the game.  Shale has his own snarky commentary during story sequences and when running around, he interacts with the group and is actually pretty entertaining.  I’ll probably play with him for a while if not until the end of the game.

Overall I don’t think that the DLC is worth the $15 asking price, but since it’s free for those who buy new games (and I only buy new games) I think it’s pretty awesome.  As with all the DLC, I think that it is probably best to play through it earlier in the game so that you can enjoy the rewards for longer.  It seems that Bioware has pledged continuing DLC for the next 2 years on top of all the stuff the community will be creating with the toolkit.  As long as the DLC is reasonably priced, I see myself playing this game for a very long time… plus, I’m not even close to finishing the main storyline.  There’s also all the other classes to tinker with, the origin stories and all the different ways to approach the game.  See you in 2012.

edit: it’s been brought to my attention that Shale is actually a she golem (thanks Matukai).  That means if  I put Leliana in my party in place of Zevran, I’d have a party full of females.  I wonder if that would create any unique dialogue options…

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