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Out of Outland

I had all these posts planned and all these things to say about returning to Outland, but it went by way to quickly (but not really).  It was great powered through Outland and being able to hop the ship to Northrend so quickly.  Blizzard really has made it easier to level up.  Once I realized that the flying mounts were faster and I could get them at level 60, it was all over.

One thing I noticed about Outland was that the way they structured and placed quests made it really easy to gather up a bunch of them and then take off and do them all before returning for a boat load of xp.  I completed the quest achievements for Hellfire Penninsula and Zangarmarsh and half of Terrokar Forest before hitting level 68 and jetting off to Northrend.

I was in a group for one of the Auchindoun instances that was looking for a healer and while doing that (they are kind of scarce in Outland) I was questing and joking with the group that if they didn’t find a healer before I hit level 68 I was out of there.  They found one and I ran Auchenai Crypts with them.  The dungeons in Outland seem so easy.  There were times when we had a complete group of properly leveled people (no 80s) where we would destroy instances and bosses.  It all seemed a lot easier than the first time I went through Outland.  Perhaps it’s because most of the dudes I was running with had level 80s with full tier gear and new how to maximize their dps.  You could definitely tell when someone didn’t know what they were doing thanks to recount.  I was usually top the dps chart but when you are running with an equal leveled rogue and you are tripleing their dps, it’s a little ridiculous.  There were also times when I would get into groups with all plate wearers.  Paladin healer, 3 dks and a warrior.  I don’t know how to explain this phenomenon except that people are looking to get into the good arena classes.  The team that won the arena tournament at BlizzCon was Palading, Death Knight and Warrior.

So I’m out of Outland.  I headed to Stormwind Harbor and took the boat to Borean Tundra… but it’s hardly boring.  My brothers refer to it as the Fun Tundra.  I’m enjoying it.  The first few quests that I did got me a couple new pieces of gear as quest rewards and I’m breaking 10k health now in frost mode.  It was a little rough having to return to the ground mount, but then I realized that you can get cold weather flying early now if you have a level 80.  So I sent Killt to the trainer in Dalaran to pick me up a book and I’m in the skies again.  I plan on hitting up the zones that I didn’t get a chance to see with Killt… so basically everything except Howling Fjord, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills and ZulDrak.  I look forward to Scholozar Basin.  Every time I have to go to that zone for whatever reason I am amazed by how beautiful it looks.

Then there is the pvp.  I’m at level 69 right now and even half way to 70.  I think I’m planning on playing purely BGs until level 70 not only for the fun but also to stock up on marks so hopefully I’ll be able to have enough to turn in for concerted efforts at level 80 to get some quick pvp gear.  It’s great being at the top of the bracket again… I played a couple rounds last night (AB and EOTS) where we demolished the horde.  I think I’m going to like Death Knight pvp the more I do it.